Learn how flying solo, working for yourself by yourself you can go from

struggle street to having a life and business on your terms.

So, what do you do for a living?

Answering the Question... "what do you do for a living?" When you are a solopreneur, working alone from home and often making a living online, many people won’t understand what it is you do. Some may even think you’re a professional spammer if much of your time is...

Avoid this solopreneur trap!

Beware of the solopreneur trap! So you've spent months getting your business up and running and now find you are working 7 days a week to maintain the success that you've recently found. It was a long road to get to where you are now and you have customers coming at...

Getting your solopreneur website right

What Does Your Current Website Design Say about You? In the last blog post we published, you were asked to check how clearly your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is conveyed throughout your website. It's imperative your website reflects how you stand out from others...

How to ensure your website reflects your USP

Of course you've got a website... but is it doing its job? Is your USP clear and obvious to all who land on your home page? There's more to a website than fancy fonts Designing a good website goes way beyond uploading something pretty. Because solopreneurs differ from...

You and your competition

In the past, you've possibly been advised that you and your competition are different businesses and that to compare yourself to others is a shortcut to stress and feelings of "the grass is greener." True, in that what's unique about your business is YOU and none of...

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