Learn how flying solo, working for yourself by yourself you can go from

struggle street to having a life and business on your terms.

How to ensure your website reflects your USP

Of course you’ve got a website… but is it doing its job? Is your USP clear and obvious to all who land on your home page? There’s more to a website than fancy fonts Designing a good website goes way beyond uploading something pretty. Because...

You and your competition

In the past, you’ve possibly been advised that you and your competition are different businesses and that to compare yourself to others is a shortcut to stress and feelings of “the grass is greener.” True, in that what’s unique about your...

4 tips for dealing with difficult customers

Difficult customers come with the solopreneur territory and every business has their fair share of tricky clients – it’s inevitably a factor running your own gig. But as a solopreneur, facing difficult customers without the support of a team can be hard...

Best Mental Health Practices for Solopreneurs

Running a business, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, can put a strain on your physical health but also on your mental health. Why? As humans we are under constant pressure. Some basic human needs are: 1) Security — safe life, safe...

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