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Learning opportunities for solopreneurs

Continual learning experiences are important to any business owner, especially solopreneurs who spend much of their business time alone. It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or offline – learning is something you’ll need to do for the...

Solopreneurs should have a good accountant. Here’s why.

If you’re like most solopreneurs you probably try to manage most business tasks yourself. Sure, maybe you outsource the big jobs like website building or graphic design, but you have a red-hot crack at handling all of the small business management tasks. In many...

The solopreneur and the pirate map

On a pirate adventure to discover the treasure in being human The essential elements of any good pirate story include a ship, one-eyed pirate, wooden leg, marauding crew, squawking parrot, buried treasure and a map. Using the map, the pirates set out to find the...

Home office set up… on a budget!

Do you need a great home office to work from, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? If you’re just starting out and don’t want to outlay thousands of dollars on equipment, furniture and electronics for your new home office, be relieved because...

Social Media Law – 3 key facts you need to know!

What is written on social media is not written in pencil, it’s written in ink. And it doesn’t matter who wrote it. There’s a funny misconception about social media across many solopreneurs, and that’s they are only responsible for the posts on their own business page....

Balancing business and family time – tips for solopreneurs

Balancing business and family time is a crucial skill for solopreneurs. One of the reasons you probably went into business for yourself is to attain the ideal ‘work <—-> life’ balance and enjoy the flexibility that comes with being your own...


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