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Tips on emailing the list you’ve just built

In the last blog post, we explored how solopreneurs new to list building could begin to grow their database of subscribers. Of course, this is just the beginning of your email marketing journey because what you then send out to those captured email addresses will determine how your relationship with them develops. Some people will opt-in to a mailing list and then immediately unsubscribe once they’ve downloaded the freebie… their loss, but other times subscribers can elect to opt-out if they suffer from inbox overload or they’re not feeling your messages are purposeful and directed towards them, specifically. Here are...

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List-building for beginners made easy

Of course you’ve heard the saying, “the money’s in the list” and to a huge extent, it really is true. Unlike fans or followers on social media, opportunities to communicate with your list are not bound by fickle corporations and their engagement policies…. and yes maybe that is a little dig at FaceBook and their ever changing algorithims! Aside from that, having a means to contact customers and also those who indicate they’d like to hear from you makes good sense. The Direct Marketing Association of America understands just how powerful email marketing is and their research shows that a...

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7 steps to finding your perfect customer!

Finding your perfect customer will make your business efforts much more fruitful and once you’ve identified who they are; where to find them, and how to connect with them, you’ll be able to create more targetted products and tempting offers. It’ll also help with your marketing materials too as you can design campaigns to grab their attention. Like peaches and cream… and a coach and a team… there’s a perfect-match-customer waiting out there who is ideally suited to doing business with you and here’s 7 tips for finding them. 1. Know your products or service offerings. You need to know and...

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Why solopreneurs need a business vision

New to the solopreneur game, or a seasoned player in small business, you’ll need a clearly defined vision and end-point for your business. Knowing where you’re wanting to head, makes the path to getting there much easier to navigate! Why? Well…. so many reasons, but how about we start with the following 10! 1. It helps you to create sustainability so that you can drive a long-term enterprise that grows and evolves as time and trends move forward. 2. A vision gives you a business, not a job. When you look beyond the day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month you are motivated...

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Setting Your Goals For the New Year!

So many people make New Year’s resolutions that they promptly drop before the month of January is done, even when those goals are set with the very best intentions. But, when you learn how to decide upon goals that really have a chance of coming to fruition, and then how to plan for the action-taking that’s then needed, you’ll be better placed to make 2017 successful. Fiollow our 6-step to help you choose your best goals for the New Year… 1. Reflect. What Did You Accomplish This Past Year? Start your new year planning session with the positives from this...

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