I don’t want to niche
I want to sell to everybody and make lots of money.

I have heard this argument from so many small business owners and I can understand why.

It is tempting to believe that the wider you expand your pool of potential clients, the more clients you will attract. You might like to be everything to everybody, but that’s just not possible in terms of your time, money and energy.  Also, it might not make you very attractive! 

This same concept applies to the solution your small business provides. You may be able to help your clients solve a heap of different problems but if you focus on the main one, you will attract clients faster.

As a business coach and trainer, I regularly see clients who have identified a target market because they think it will make the most money.  Often they focus on the high-end market, but they actually hate working for certain people who don’t appreciate their skills and love for making their hand-made work.

 If this is you! Don’t make that mistake!

The end result is that you will feel upset, frustrated, uninspired and won’t do the best work you can do. To be able to have a thriving and sustainable business you need to have a passion for your work and work with people who inspire you, who get you excited, who give you respect, and who will give you the energy to keep going and improve all the time!

Start by defining who exactly you want to work with,

who are your ideal customers
who do you enjoy working with
what are you passionate about
what are your strengths
who will pay for what you offer?

And then go into more details about your specific niche, you need to know enough about them that you could register them for a drivers licence!

This may sound basic but so many entrepreneurs are not specific enough on exactly who their market is and it’s killing their business.

You need to be so specific so your ideal customer thinks your living inside their head, which is actually the key to effortless selling.

So why niche?

Your communication to your customers is clear and concise
You become an “expert” in your niche
You don’t spread yourself too thin
You get more and better referrals
Marketing becomes easier

 Who would you rather be: A small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?

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