Finding your perfect customer will make your business efforts much more fruitful and once you’ve identified who they are; where to find them, and how to connect with them, you’ll be able to create more targetted products and tempting offers. It’ll also help with your marketing materials too as you can design campaigns to grab their attention.

Like peaches and cream… and a coach and a team… there’s a perfect-match-customer waiting out there who is ideally suited to doing business with you and here’s 7 tips for finding them.

1. Know your products or service offerings. You need to know and understand your products and/or service offerings inside, out and back to front. Be sure that you can clearly identify the benefits they provide and the best ways of using them. The clearer you are on who your offerings best serve, the easier it will be to find customers who need (or desire) them.

2. Determine and document your business goals.  Identify your goals before you get started with any product development or marketing program so you have something to measure against. Use the knowledge you’ve developed of your ideal client to determine what they are really wanting from your product and service and if your intended goals are realistic when keeping their demographic profile in mind.

3. Analyse any past sales history. If you’ve got sales records from times past, study these and you’ll be able to see exactly who your typical customers are PLUS gain other helpful insights around their shopping trends and habits from past interactions. Any information you already have is too valuable to ignore.

4. Locate these people! Now you have a crystal clear picture of who your perfect customers are, find out where they hang out and get there… pronto! Whether itís online or in person, you need to be where your customers are so that you can get to know them better AND they can get to know you. When you know them well, and have developed relationships it’s easier to create marketing materials that get will results.

5. Study their buying cycle. Once you’ve learnt where they are and you’ve had an opportunity to get to know them, analysing their buying habits will help identify and fill any gaps in your offerings and develop a targetted marketing funnel.

6. Keep refining your customer profile. Developing a profile of your perfect customer is an ongoing process and the more you get to know them, the more detailed your ideal customer avatar will be. All the information you gather will help to direct all your marketing materials to

7. Be an expert in your industry. Being known as a source of reliable information about your niche or industry will see people being referred to you as a go-to-person. The more industry knowledge you have and can share with potential customers, the bigger trust factor you’ll have. Boom!

Your perfect customer is out there wanting to do business with you as soon as they know what you’ve got for them and how it will benefit them. Tweak that avatar, hang out where they do and build your business!

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