Working from home in your pyjamas sounds great in theory… but if you’ve ever tried to actually literally work out of a room in your home, you’ll probably have found it’s all too easy to get distracted. Before you know it, you’re standing at the fridge, switching on Nextflix or even folding washing if the task at hand is unappealing enough. Sound familiar? Besides, being within the 4 walls of home each and every day can and quickly lead to symptoms of cabin fever

Besides potential cabin fever there can also be a sense of overwhelm as the lines between business and home life begin to blur. Understandably, if your sole workspace is home it can become a struggle to switch off and relax in the evenings.

While becoming a digital nomad and working from poolside at a fancy-schmancy resort may be your solopreneur goal, there is a closer and more accessible option – your local coffee shop! Your favourite coffee shop is a great place to enjoy a relaxed vibe, meet and network with others while getting stuff done. And of course, there’s coffee!!

If you plan to give working from your most loved coffee shop a shot (pun intended!) then you’ll need to ensure it has all the facilities you’ll need to be productive. The ideal coffee shop should offer: comfortable seating, an accessible power point, Wi-Fi and an atmosphere that will allow you to be productive.

In terms of atmosphere, many coffee shop loving solopreneurs say they prefer working from a cafe that is either very quiet or alternatively, and to the other extreme, very noisy. It’s said that lots of people chatting can blend into a general humming background noise which is easy to work in.

If you’re keen to give it a go, here are some simple tips for getting the most productivity out of your coffee shop work session…

  • bring headphones in case a table next yours starts getting too loud… or personal! You don’t want to try and work while a nearby couple loudly discusses their domestic disharmony. (Trust this one!)
  • take the minimal gear you need to be effective – an iPad or tablet with keyboard is perfectly portable and well suited to working in a coffee shop
  • invest in a loyalty card from the coffee shop if you plan on going often – not only will you save money, the staff will recognise you as a loyal and committed customer

Do you have a favourite coffee shop to work from? Somewhere else you find more productive than home? We’d love to hear from you in the Facebook Group with your thoughts, tips and feedback.

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