Who said going solo meant you had to do it all by yourself?

Before Lisa and Shari met, each was going-it-alone with their respective one-person businesses. Lisa was based in Sydney, NSW and Shari on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Both knew they wanted to explore ways of growing their business reach and so fate intervened and threw them together as accountability partners in an online course.

The connection was immediate, authentic and before long these girls were on fire!

Lisa was working with a not-for-profit organisation to deliver the state government-funded Small Biz Connect Program, but  she knew there just had to be life outside the office. In her time working with small business owners, startups and solopreneurs she realised her passion for helping others grow and succeed in a lifestyle business had led her to want the same for herself.  Living in one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, Lisa discovered much more enjoyment from work and life when she could take charge of her business hours, and spend time coaching  and training the tribe she loves to help.

Shari, an experienced teacher and freelance writer wanted more from life too.  Juggling the demands of 3 children and running a household while working part time in schools and contracting on the side was unsustainable long term. She wanted to be present for her young daughter and to create the work-life balance magazines bang on about, so now she’s busily transitioning from the classroom into business, growing her freelance writing and coaching services.

Neither would say the solopreneur road is an easy one, but Lisa and Shari are walking their talk and growing their businesses and have confidence that you can do it too.

Once they decided to work together, dreams were discussed, plans hatched and sleeves rolled up. Solopreneur Success has had a couple of previous incarnations, but isn’t that always the case in solopreneurship? At each step of their journey there have been aha! moments where the light bulbs have sparked, and hissy fits over uncooperative websites but always plenty of friendship, laughs and, of course, wine.

Solopreneur Success captures the very best of what Lisa and Shari each bring to the table and offers it here in a single place.

Stick around and you’ll discover that Lisa is brilliant with numbers, has an eye for detail and is bang-on with strategy to get shit done. Shari contributes her way with words, out-of-the-box ideas generation and is your go-to girl for enthusiasm.

They might not live in Gotham City, but you can think of them as the dynamic duo your business can depend upon in times of need!

Use our knowledge and experience to boost your own success.

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