Balancing business with your personal life is challenging all year round but it seems particularly complicated at Christmas time. Family and social demands increase as does the need to get business “stuff done” before the end-of-year holiday slow down. It’s believed that solopreneurs who manage to successfully balance work and personal life tend to have better health (mental and physical), better organisation and more satisfaction in their business… but what can be done to make surviving the hectic end of year silly-season easier than it is? We all know it can be crazy, but stop for a breath and try implementing some of the following tips to sail through it all.

Keep your expectations realistic

The most essential way to keep balance in your life is to realise and accept you are just human. Being human just means you don’t have the ability to do everything all at once, nor should you be expected to. Unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment so avoid solopreneur guilt by adjusting your calendar to realistically reflect your end of year commitments – family and business.

Allocate and track your time

Working for yourself has the major bonus of being able to create your own schedule. What a perk!! Start by writing down all the things that you’re committed to and need to do in the lead up to Christmas. Have a huge calendar or white board to track your commitments and all special events.

Prioritise You and Your Family

Whether you feel you are too busy or not, Christmas  means you have to prioritise you and your family. Of course, that doesn’t mean ignoring business tasks altogether, but it does mean making a commitment to rest, rejuvenation and spending quality time with your loved ones who’ve supported you throughout the year.

Learn When to Say “No”

If you’ve prioritised and your calendar is busy (well of course it is at this time of year!) try not to let other people to distract you with last minute requests and invitations. If you’ve allocated your most precious resource – time – in a way that suits you then saying no, without the guilt, will keep you on track.

Practice being in the moment

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment, but it’s good common sense. Keeping focused on where you are and what you’re doing at the time is how you’ll achieve efficiency and bring balance to your life. Concentrate and apply yourself to work tasks when on the job, and then be in the moment with your loved ones and family when spending time with them away from your business.

Of course, all of these strategies apply to every month of the year and not just Christmas time… however the pressures of the festive season often means increased stress, more worry and less enjoyment of the solopreneur lifestyle. Give yourself a very merry Christmas by enjoying some work life balance and focussing on you!

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