Running a business, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, can put a strain on your physical health but also on your mental health.

Why? As humans we are under constant pressure. Some basic human needs are:

1) Security — safe life, safe home, safe relationships.

2) Acknowledgment and Attention – to give and receive it.

3) Sense of Responsibility – taking ownership.

4) Emotional Connection and Intimacy – being connected to others.

5) Community – being part of a wider network

6) Purpose — having a clear understanding of direction.

So when we begin in business, our basic human needs are shaken due to change, our mental health is thrown into a whirlwind.


  • Our sense of security is called into question as we build our business brands.
  • Acknowledgment is limited or sporadic.
  • Our responsibility feels 10 times  heavier
  • Connection to family and friends can become fragile
  • We get swamped in a wider community or our customers
  • Our purpose and vision will be tested.

As we get to the daily grind of pursuing our passions and building a life around our business, we forget to take care of the most important aspect of keeping us in the best shape possible – our mental health.

Our bodies will let us know when we’ve been not eating the best, or slowed down on exercise but how will you know if your mental health is suffering?

Symptoms of depression and anxiety can slowly materialize or hit you hard at once. Sometimes, you won’t realise it’s happening. As a business owner, it’s important to take audit of what you’re going through. Ask yourself, that’s the only way to find the answers. If we can listen to what our body needs, we can certainly listen to what our mind needs.

Ask yourself, as that’s the only way to find the answers. If we can listen to what our body needs, we can certainly listen to what our mind needs.

  1. What are you feeling when at work?

Excited, organised and driven… OR … Stressed, on edge and out of control.

  1. Are you sleeping well?

Sleeping is easy and relaxing… OR .. I toss and turn and can’t sleep.

  1. How are your personal and business relationships?

I feel inspired by my team at work and I am always laughing and enjoying spare time with family and friends… OR …What relationships?

Don’t lose sight of life while you achieve your dreams. The most successful people in business maintain best mental health practices because it not only improves  mental strength but overall general wellbeing. Good mind, sound body, calm soul. So what are the best ways to create the ideal mental health for

So what are the best ways to create the ideal mental health for solopreneurs?

Well, you can start by practicing these:

  1. Deep breaths – proper breathing techniques will ensure better stress management.
  2. Stretch regularly – stretched muscles equals a relaxed mind.
  3. Meditate daily – 10 minutes of meditation is ideal for a clearer, sharper mind, if you can manage longer go for it.
  4. Positive Affirmations – daily success affirmations will improve your business mindset.
  5. Laugh lots – because even when things go wrong, life still moves forward.
  6. Make self-care a priority – don’t forget to care of yourself.
  7. Delegate the small tasks – don’t take on everything, delegate to your team or there is so much support online for the smaller tasks.
  8. Exercise daily – research has proven that regular exercise improves overall mental health.
  9. Take regular breaks – a break away from work has proven to be more productive than working nonstop.

So don’t forget the importance of better mental health practices especially while building your business. Better mental health will equal a successful, thriving business. When we are aligned in perfect sync with ourselves our capabilities mentally, physically and emotionally are at the highest level.


suzan bGuest post by Suzan Battah

Suzan Battah the founder of Charismatic Lifestyle has suffered from anxiety and depression since her early teens and has found a great balance despite the challenges. She is an award winning Screenwriter/Film Director and passionate mental health advocate. She runs her Film Production company MRG Light Media alongside Charismatic Lifestyle an online wellness business to bring more awareness and education to Mental Health Management. She shares her experiences in the hope it will help you and/or your loved ones create a charismatic and joyful lifestyle.

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