Do you sometimes worry that you just don’t have enough bold and brazen confidence necessary to succeed as a solopreneur?

Maybe you need an injection of confidence to boost your business… or maybe you are starting out and need some extra assurance to take that big first step. Either way, being in business for and by yourself can challenge the confidence of even seasoned solopreneurs, so here are a few tips for building that confidence and charging forward with your business.

Get Educated

One of the most important confidence-builders is knowing that you know what you know! Knowledge in both your niche and in business is not only an asset but a real confidence boost.

You may have a lot of great business ideas but you don’t have the know-how to make it happen. Educate yourself about how to market your product or service – what is your competition? How can you reach your demographic? What kinds of advertising should you do?

You may need some nuts-and-bolts education, too – for example, how do you set up an effective website? You may need some practical knowledge to help you reach your goals.

There are many ways to educate yourself in business. You can hire a business coach to help you one-on-one or learn from our knowledge and experience in the Solopreneur Success Blueprint.. Of course Facebook groups (like ours!) are great sources of information too with many business-savvy people on hand to answer questions and engage in discussions.

Get Focused

Getting educated is key to then getting focused. You really can’t boldly march forward if you don’t know what direction you’re going in, so learn what you need to and then take some time to focus on your business. Plan to address exactly… what are you doing? What do you want to do? Who is your target market or demographic? These are all fundamental questions that require being kept in mind whenever you are working in or on your business.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

We all know of that successful soloprener – you know, the one who has written ten books, has a dozen business, the prefect familiy and a glamourous house. Forget about comparing yourself to them. Not only is there likely to be a more realistic backstory behind the success, the comparison is just not going to do you any good. You’re much bettter off setting your own realistic standards and goals and then comparing your progress against those.

Believe in Your Success

A lot of people swear by the power of positive thinking and it’s said that visualizing your goals can attract the very things needed to reach them. Even if you don’t get into the whole woo-woo visualization bit, you can benefit greatly from believing in your business and your own competence.

Once you hit your strides as a confident solopreneur, you will be much more likely to attract clients, which in turn will boost your confidence. It’s a good cycle to get into, don’t you think?


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