Everyone’s on social media right? Well, it’s safe to assume so. That means of course that your “ideal client’ is there too and so social media platforms offer you a very useful way of reaching them and engaging with them.

If you know your market intimately, you’ll realise there are a couple of social media platforms your tribe are more likely to use over others and so it’s not necessary (or sustainable!) to be madly active in all of them. We’ve always advocated selecting one or two social media platforms to really sink your teeth into. Then, if it’s possible and viable, try to have a profile (or maybe automated presence) on a couple of others.

If you’re new to getting your business out there on social media or are looking for ways to add your presence on other platforms, here are some easy-to-implement ideas for reaching your audience on the most popular social media channels…


  • create a Facebook page for your business, brand or product and consider forming a group if your niche lends itself
  • join groups that are relevant to your niche or brand and interact by adding value
  • use Facebook ads to retarget users who have visited your website
  • curate and cross post relevant and engaging content from authority sites
  • consider paid advertising to reach goals: more likes, lead generation or sales promotions


  • reply to other users and answer their questions when you can. Twitter is about joining in the conversation.
  • follow influencers and authority figures in your field and interact with them too
  • use hashtags to attract users who are interested in your niche and market
  • ask questions of your own and encourage new conversations
  • retweet and share engaging content


  • create simple (or more complex) videos and optimise them to rank well
  • make highlight reels of an event or behind the scenes in your business
  • upload video testimonials, reviews and any other feedback
  • explain content or hold contests and use video as explainers
  • comment on other videos and contribute to discussions


  • pin images of products or projects related to your brand or niche
  • add and upload images of your products – either on display or in use
  • upload images from your blog posts and link through to published content


  • join sub-reddits in your niche and interact there
  • post and share infographics with information and statistics relevant to your market
  • answer questions where you can add value and advice
  • share great content and quality information of interest to your target market


  • photos of your individual products, store or workspace
  • behind the scenes pictures of how your work
  • upload some images of your personal life to create a connection and show your personality
  • use hashtags in the caption of every photo

At the end of the day, regardless of which social media platforms you choose to focus on, there are some general tips for solopreneuers marketing on social media. Most importantly you should create a unified brand presence – a single hashtag and easily identifiable visual style to use across each platform. Then link your accounts to make cross promotion as easy as possible. Above all, learn from others but be yourself and remember that persistence and patience are needed to see the benefits for your brand.



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