7 Tips to help grow your micro biz

Did you ever think what is it the difference between businesses that expand seamlessly and strategically while another barely hangs only to pay for it’s running cost?

In other words, how can a business that was launched from a garage or kitchen table beat the sales and profits of well-structured companies?

Keep reading and I will share some great business tips that you can apply to your own business to help you succeed in business.

BUT – Remember we can all read great tips, what makes the difference is the implantation part! You need to take ACTION.

Now to grab something to scribble and take notes as you read this online, or print it out so you can highlight parts and put timeframes for implementation.

Attract more Customers

As we all know, clients are the backbone of every business. No business in the world can survive without customers.

Yet getting new customers and then keeping them is not always easy. You will need to generate leads and then convert them to buy from you and then you need to keep them.

Let me give you some tips

1) Generate More Leads:

In other words, find out creative ways to tell your story to potential clients. You have many vehicles to drive your lead generation process. These include direct mail, webinars, paid advertising, social media, joint ventures, cross-promotion, networking, flyers, workshops, coffee meeting are few of the many ways you can create noise for customer traffic – pick at least 3 to concentrate on first depending on where your customers are.

2) Better conversion percentage:

This relates to transforming keen potential customers into confirmed buyers. Think of ways you can increase conversion rates. One sure way is developing the art of personal selling, your speech, and your sales pitch. If you don’t have a pitch create one – Once you reach the potential clients you need to convert them into buying customers – we are all in sales!

3) Look after your customers:

Shut the back door so that your clients don’t sneak out and go to your competition. One thing to note at this stage it costs around 6-8 times more money to find a new customer that may not even buy from you in the end than look after an existing customer who may purchase more often. Come up with a strategy to keep your existing clients happy, this could be as easy as thanking them personally to a reward program. Sending them links to articles that may help them (not selling) People like to feel special and looked after, build rapport with your clients.

4) Start Collecting Referrals:

Getting new clients by the means of referrals is one of the most cost-friendly options to expand a business. Selling to ‘referred’ customers is relatively easier as they are already almost “sold” on your idea. Ask your current clients for referrals, be clear you’re your are asking for, you want to be referred to your ideal client, not just anybody.

5) Compensate your referral partners:

To get a regular stream of referred clients, it is vital that you compensate your clients who take time and effort on their own to generate referrals for you. This may be as easy as sending a thank you note, or phone call to say how much you appreciate the referral. Sometimes items like movie pass, a bottle of wine or giveaways of your own business are enough to make your referral partner feel special.

6) Re-connect with old customers:

Do you have old customers you haven’t heard from for a while? Did you upset one and didn’t follow up? It generally takes less effort to convince someone who already knows you and has a clear idea of your products than finding a new client. Reconnect with old customers, call, email, send them a note in the mail, connect on social media, and once you have connected again keep in touch.

7) Look out for collaborative business opportunities:

Who can you collaborate with? Consider the business that might have a common profile of your target customers that you are not in direct competition with. Think of joint business opportunities or cross-promotion with other. This does not have to involve money, it could be a cross-promotion, you could share each other’s marketing material; you can share each other’s social media marketing?

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