What to do when your business is ready but nobody knows you’re out there?

You spent months working on your business. You got the site created, you had some amazing copy written and you even went as far as to have some professional shots done so you could look great in your business profile. But now, you are sat at home, wondering how to get the word out about your awesome website and small business and the idea of advertising and marketing leaves you clueless and thinking ‘money!?’

Here are some tips on how YOU can spread the word about your business (on a shoestring to boot!)

How to Make Your Business Visible

Facebook, Twitter – it’s time to get social with your business

It can be kinda … is scary the right word? You know what I mean, and I know what you mean. So let’s skip finding the word – we both know the feeling that comes from the idea of putting ourselves out there – but unless you’re going to do that, then nobody can come to you.

Create a Facebook page, and a twitter profile for your business and simply start talking. You can run a simple ad at the Facebook Page with a paid for Facebook ad, and from your page, you can drive traffic to your website. Suddenly people ‘like you’ and you feel less lonely in the cyber/biz world.

Get your lippie on – it’s time for video

Video marketing can be the most powerful form of communication and people LOVE to hear what YOU have to say. It’s much faster than having to read everything all of the time, so get yourself on Youtube and start adding videos that give something to people – how to videos are great – if for example you run a dog grooming salon, create videos that talk about how to groom your dog, and position yourself as a bit of a guru slash celebrity in your niche area. Get subscribers and drive them to your website by adding a link to it under any videos.

Attend networking events in your area

You never know who may be looking for you. Get yourself out there, and network like crazy. Enjoy meeting other business people in your area, take some business cards, and sell yourself. Joint projects are often started at these things and if all else fails, you can never have too many self-employed friends – it can be really lonely working for yourself so be sure to get out and spend time with those who understand where you are at and support you for it.

Now go and take ACTION!

Lisa is a Business Educator. If you are like her other clients YOU want to GROW your business! BUT you are a little stuck on how to get past your current roadblocks. Enjoy the Solopreneur Success site and also check out her coaching website https://www.lisapenson.com

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