Urgh. You spilt your coffee over your planner, you have a ton of blog posts that desperately need doing, you lost your cool, it’s 11.30am and you’re sat in your PJ’s staring aimlessly at the computer screen wondering whether to jack it all in and get a day job.

News flash – this IS your day job, and you are more than capable of running a business, and a successful one at that. Sometimes, things will get on top of you, but there are ways that you can handle this. Read on to find out 3 ultra funky ways to keep your cool when everything around you is crumbling.

Know that it is normal. You can now relax.

If you are freaking out just because things are piling up, or something has gone ‘wrong’, you need to give yourself a big ole slap around the face. Yes. Do it. Feel better? Okay, maybe not better, but my point is, you are amazing for simply putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your own destiny and starting a business. Soooo many people dream of doing what you are doing but live in the fear of something going wrong. And so, if and when you feel like things are going wrong, remember that you are LUCKY to be in the position to feel that – you fought the fear to start a business so you can fight the fears that come with running one.

It’s perfectly normal to get stressed – just take a deep breath and keep moving forwards.

Outsource as much as you can.

Often, things get on top of us when we try and take everything on ourselves. Can you outsource anything? For example, blog post writing, marketing plans, PR, web design. When you think of it, there is actually a heck of a lot that you can get other people to do for you, and with sites such as smallbizchicks.com.au popping up all over the internet, you can pretty much get a small team together to do the things that you hate doing, which means that you can spend your time doing the things you are good at (and love.)

Take a day off. Yep. Step away from your business.

Have I gone totally crazy? Step away from your business when you are worrying that you are behind with stuff? Yes. Get out. Head to the sea, head to a coffee shop, go see a friend who you have not seen in AGES. Do something totally different and most definitely not work related. Why? Sometimes things just do get to be too much for us and all we really need, is a day off, total distraction, a chance to clear our heads so that when we come back to our to-do list, we see things from a fresh perspective.

Always remember that you are awesome to have started your own business, and stress is just part and parcel of the package. If you are struggling, just clear your mind, do as much as you can, get others to help where possible and remember to hit the rest button once in a while.

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