Have you ever stopped to think what makes a successful solopreneur? Of course, the answer to that is many different things and there is not a single checklist for making it big in small business. That said though, you will find that most successful solopreneurs possess similar qualities and demonstrate many of the same behaviours consistently. How many of these can you identify with?

Successful Solopreneurs Keep Aware

Solopreneurs on top of their game have the ability to know what is going on within their own industry, within the world of small business in general and especially with entrepreneurship. They’ll  owners keep up on what’s going on and stay informed of the latest trends, marketing techniques and opportunities so that they can take any advantage they can get to make their business grow.

Successful Solopreneurs Talk to Other Solopreneurs

People operating a business by themselves can’t exist in a vacuum. Besides customers, suppliers and all of the other support systems around their business, they also tend to have friends and colleagues who are also entrepreneurs and networking with these people is one of the best ways a solopreneur can stay informed and up to date.  Wherever the virtual water cooler happens to be – and a great one is the Solopreneur Success Facebook Group – successful solopreneurs share information, give advice and keep each other updated about trends in entrepreneurship.

Successful Solopreneurs Read

One thing that you’ll notice about those successful in  business  is they tend to read publications, blogs or even social media posts about entrepreneurship, including books by some of the most successful motivational authors. Successful people like to stay informed and love to learn new things and be inspired by success stories of those who carved the way before.

Successful Solopreneurs Use the Information Learnt to Improve Their Business

All this information gathered by a successful solopreneur  won’t ever sit stagnantly, either. It’s used to improve business systems, increase  revenue or bring in more customers. Successful solopreneurs know when they learned something useful and work to implement it as quickly as possible.

Successful Solopreneurs Help Others

The more you learn about successful entrepreneurship, you’ll see seasoned solopreneurs are always willing to help other people. They have been where the starting entrepreneur is and remember what it was like to enter the fray with only the basics. Most successful solopreneurs are more than willing to share their experience and knowledge and love seeing others do well.

How do you stack up against those common traits? Come and join us in the Facebook Group to let us know what YOU think it takes for Solopreneur Success!

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