In the lead up to Christmas is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and we’ve all seen those videos of Black Friday shopping sprees where customers go on a rampage, quite literally, to buy discounted products, right? Some even resort to violence in order to get the item they wanted. It’s not just chaos, it’s an absolute nightmare. Imagine having to stand there in the middle of all that chaos to promote your products. Not gonna happen.

This is exactly why every single company does their marketing campaign in advance, so they can focus all their attention on the day-to-day tasks of selling and customer services during the hectic holiday season. Likewise, planning a solopreneur marketing strategy for the upcoming holidays is not for the faint of heart, but with these guidelines we’ve prepared for you it’ll be like a walk in the park.

Start Early

When it comes to holiday marketing you can never start too early. Plan at least a few months, even a full year, in advance. During this holiday season be the first to give out next year’s calendars to your customers so they can stay in touch with your brand all year long. Moreover, focus on spreading flyers and brochures a few weeks beforehand to remind your consumers that Christmas is just around the corner. Invest in ads that will put a smile on your customers’ faces and promote the festive spirit of the upcoming holidays accordingly. The competition is fierce out there, you have to reach your customers before someone else snatches them from you.

Clear and Concise Promotional Images

Make your promotional images clear and concise so that everyone can read them with ease. By adding short bolded texts to HD images of on-sale products, you will paint a clear picture for consumers to see. For example, 50% off all LED TVs, with a quality picture of exactly those LED TVs on sale is the way to go. Continue by adding a call-to-action to close the deal and everybody wins. Next, place these promotional images on your website homepage banner, or your social media cover photos so it’s in everyone’s plain sight at all times. Don’t overstimulate your customers with fancy imagery, because they’ll either get confused or bored by them extremely fast and then they’ll forget to buy that product or ignore your promotional images altogether.

Offer Time-Limited Discounts

Offering discount sales on a limited time-frame will make your customers go on a shopping spree now, rather than later, to not miss out on the opportunity you have presented them with. This way there is a sense of urgency to buy that particular product that is on discount. Sometimes people will even buy things they don’t actually need just because they thought it was a killer deal at the time. During the holiday season, make a special time offer for each day of the week. Furthermore, don’t offer the same product twice. Always put a different item on discount the next day and make sure you post a schedule of these discounts a week before so your customers can thoroughly plan their many purchases in advance.

Reward Customer Loyalty

It wouldn’t be a jolly good Christmas if you didn’t reward your customers for good behavior. Promote customer loyalty by presenting gifts to loyal consumers in the form of toys, coupons, and other goodies. Next, you could also set up a customer referral program where people can refer your products to their friends and families and encourage them to buy stuff. Applaud this behavior by, for example, giving away a neat Visa gift card to the top ten referral contributors, and turn that program into a friendly competition. This will give your old customers an incentive to recruit new people into buying your products. Not to mention that word-of-mouth marketing is great overall.

Social Media Marketing

Holiday season is not just a time of great joy but a time of many days-off at home, which means social media will be more active than ever. Be out there tweeting with your followers. Post killer deals and they’ll do the sharing for you. Interact with them on every turn, and create fun little online games for them to enjoy while they scroll through their news feed. Personality quizzes, trivia, and polls are all excellent ways of spurring your followers’ interest in your products. Some of these might even go viral and become the new craze on social media. Whatever the case, learn how to utilize social media marketing to its full potential.

Email Newsletters

Last but not the least, don’t forget to send email newsletters to your customers. Send them that discount schedule we talked about earlier and a reminder of your upcoming sales. Even though some people think emails have become almost obsolete, the majority of the financially independent population (middle-aged people and above) still use this form of communication on a daily basis. It’s vital to promote your products on all possible channels, so you can get your name out there before the holiday season begins.

In conclusion, plan ahead, be concise with your promotional images and give incentives to your customers to buy your products by rewarding them with discounts, coupons and the like. Never miss out on the opportunity to share interesting things on social media, by email and don’t forget to utilize some old-school marketing through flyers and brochures. Be quick though, Christmas time is almost here… and Happy Festive Season to you all!

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